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Dr. Marin is the absolute best. She is one of the most dedicated, compassionate, and intelligent physicians I have ever seen. She creates an extremely comfortable environment that puts all of her patients at ease. She is so knowledgeable about all facets of gynecology and medicine in general. Every time I see her she spends what feels like endless time talking to me, getting to know me, and addressing everything going on in my life: medical and non- medical. I am in medicine and I was trained by Dr. Marin and there is no one I would rather have as my doctor!

February 2019
Patient Since 2018

I am so deeply appreciative to Dr. Melanie Marin.  Recently I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy.  10 days later I am feeling great.  What makes Dr. Marin so incredibly special and unique, is that she is not only is she is an excellent surgeon but also a warm, compassionate and fine person.  From speaking to me and my husband (in great length)  3 weeks before the procedure in her office,  to having her hold my hand before the anesthesia took effect to having Dr. Marin find my husband in the hospital (as the waiting room was already closed for the evening ) to let him know everything went perfectly; she was there 100% for me. I am touched beyond words of having been so very fortunate to find an A plus Doctor and a warm and caring soul on so many different levels.  Thank you Dr. Marin. With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude.

October 2016
Patient Since 2016

Both an equally amazing person and doctor – I cannot more highly recommend Dr. Marin!

I came to Dr. Marin seeking a second opinion on the cause of my severe and worsening pain which steadily occurred before, during, and after my periods.

Upon my first visit prior to my first exam, Dr. Marin carefully sifted through three years of gynecological records. She then invited me into her office and listened – a rare trait among physicians – prior to offering medical explanation, opinion, or prescription. Alas when she spoke, she revealed a misdiagnosis of a uterine fibroid, an ovarian cyst, and the misinterpretation of pap results identifying abnormalities with the presence of HPV types 16 and 18 as potential culprits of the problem. She shared that my fibroid was pea size and only a small blip on the outside surface of my uterus, my cyst was ovulatory, and the results of my annual pap (preformed two weeks prior at another GYN practice) were actually normal. She went on to explain endometriosis and offer medical opinion as to why a diagnosis of the disorder better fit. She then invited me into an exam room completing our visit, providing herself 98% assuredness in her medical opinion and me with options to proceed.

I opted for the diagnostic laparoscopic surgery informing Dr. Marin of my decision the next business day – a Monday. By that Wednesday I was back in her office having my blood expertly drawn by Shannon for pre-op testing and careful instructions being explained by Kandy who worked so quickly and efficiently at ironing out surgical scheduling and insurance details. My surgery was scheduled for the following week and was a great success! The diagnosis was confirmed and the present endometriosis completely resected.

What impressed me most was Dr. Marin’s bedside manner. On the day of surgery, as the general anesthesia was being administered and I laid on the operating table being prepped by her medical team, Dr. Marin held both my gaze and hand offering comforting reassurance. The balance she possesses is dynamic – she is warm and humorous in relaying medical facts and opinion while clinical and expertly informed in her practice. Being a superior physician and plain badass surgeon aside, Dr. Marin understands that she is treating people, not just conditions, which in my opinion distinguishes her head and shoulders above other physicians and makes her both an amazing person and doctor.

May 2016
Patient Since 2016

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Marin.  She is amazing at what she does, dedicates plenty of time for visits and makes everything so easy.  She really understands what I need as a patient and makes me feel like I am cared about.  I would highly recommend her!

April 2016
Patient Since 2016

Dr. Marin has all the qualities that one looks for in a doctor/surgeon, but rarely finds.  I have always been struck by her personal, individualized attention.  She takes the time to answer my questions and concerns and to fully explain things to me.  She is proactive about addressing new options for treatment of my endometriosis/adenomyosis and her expertise makes me feel reassured, confident and taken care of.   I often times forget that I am one of many patients as she and her staff are so responsive and supportive.  Dr. Marin truly loves what she does and really cares about her patients.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

March 2015
Patient Since 2001

Dr. Marin is truly a gem. I am so thankful that I get to see such a compassionate, lovely, and intelligent doctor who patiently answers my questions. Also, when Dr. Marin expertly performed my myomectomy surgery, it went seamlessly due to her expert care.

March 2015
K. Johnson
Patient Since 2001

Moving to new york from the midwest, i was disappointed with many physicians that i saw in manhattan. then i met dr marin. she spent as much time as i needed with each and every visit and was very tuned in to my emotional state during major life changes. she is informed, smart and highly regarded in her field. i have sent all of my friends to her and they agree that she is an exceptional doctor and woman. highly highly recommended.

February 2015
Marcia Finks
Patient Since 2002

This is a qualified recommendation for Dr. Marin as a patient since 2004. I came to see her initially for fibroids. She informed me of what was going on and offered me choices that worked for me, and kept me informed throughout the process. Entering Menopause she met me with consideration and informed options. Prior to seeing her I experienced being at the mercy of other doctors rather than respected as the patient. I have stayed with Dr. Marin because she is at the cutting edge of women’s medicine, offers solutions and insightful observations indicative of being considered and seen, and continues to help me navigate through some less than usual conditions with excellence, concern, and information. She practices medicine with the highest regard for her patients care,  knowledge informed by participating in new advances in women’s medicine and personal care as a women and as a doctor. I could not say more in recommendation.

February 2015
Patient Since 2004

"Earth Angel"
In 2001, I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Dr. Melanie Marin during an extremely challenging period of my life.
At that juncture, I had been living with excruciating, incapacitating dysmenorrhea related to a Stage IV Endometriosis diagnosis, a gynecological condition whereby the tissue that lines the uterus is found in other areas of the body; such as the abdomen, fallopian tubes, intestines, ovaries and/or rectum.

As early as age 13, I suffered with consistent, extremely painful menstruation that endured for more than fifteen years.
The unrelenting pain became increasingly worse with each passing year and negatively impacted my academic, social and occupational functioning.
Every aspect of my life: academic schedules, employment interviews, familial events and vacations were centered around my recurring pain and menstrual cycle.

Although, I knew since my adolescence that my excruciating pain and associated symptoms were "worse than normal" menstrual cramps; it wasn't until 1999, when a definitive Endometriosis diagnoses was rendered upon laparoscopic surgery.

Throughout my late adolescence to mid-twenties, I was treated with the Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent, Naproxen Sodium, for approximately ten years, which provided moderate pain relief. Unfortunately, every month, I was essentially bed-ridden, for three days with intolerable, debilitating pain whereby ambulation for extended periods of time was not feasible. Moreover, the dizziness, nausea, painful bowel movements and severe pelvic pain made performing daily activities and commuting virtually impossible.

Prior to meeting Dr. Marin, I received gynecological services at the New York University Medical Center's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. At that juncture, a multitude of treatment modalities were utilized for my chronic pain, which included: an endometrial biopsy (1997), dilation and curettages, hysteroscopies; laparoscopic surgery (1999), exploratory laparotomy with removal of fallopian tube and ovary (left lateral, 2000) and lysis (removal) of significant pelvic adhesions (1999 & 2000).

Additionally, multiple pharmacological interventions were utilized, such as analgesics, birth control pills and hormonal agents (i.e. Celebrex, Ultram, Depo Lupron, Depo Provera, Climara, Vivelle). Notably, after the surgical procedures, the severe dysmenorrhea persisted and the pharmacological interventions yielded side effects consisting of the following: acne, hot flashes, nausea, palpitations, lower back pain; menorrhagia (heavy bleeding), night sweats and significant weight gain (i.e. 40-pound weight gain from Depo Provera injectable within nine months).

At the age of 27 (2000), I was emotionally, physically and psychologically exhausted with the monthly pain; the ineffective medication trials and surgical procedures; and the perpetual inconvenience this condition had caused in my life.

At this time, I was interested in a surgical option that would permanently resolve this medical condition. As a result, I engaged in multiple discussions with my previous gynecological provider, the option of performing a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy Salpingo-Oophorectomy (TAH-SO) (removal of the cervix, uterus and remaining right ovary and fallopian tube). This surgical option would suppress the chronic pain; however, the procedure would yield surgical menopause and an inability to have biological children (sterility).

I was acutely aware that this procedure would yield sterility; however, viscerally and spiritually, I didn't possess a desire to have children and vehemently believed this was the best option for me. However, my previous provider was concerned that I was "young and would change my mind" regarding the surgical procedure.

As a result, she referred me to her colleagues at the Cornell and New York University Medical Centers for second opinions. In addition, I was required to meet with a psychologist at the New York University Fertility Center to ascertain my appreciation of the permanent consequences of a hysterectomy procedure.

Although, my previous provider demonstrated ambiguity relative to the procedure; in June of 2001, we mutually agreed on the necessity of the TAH-SO and decided to proceed with scheduling the procedure. Unfortunately, prior to confirming the date of the surgical procedure, the physician abruptly terminated our provider- patient relationship without an explanation or a referral to another specialist. 

My previous provider's unprofessionalism and abandonment was devastating and disheartening, for she had been my provider for five years and was fully cognizant of the severity of my condition. During this extremely confusing and frustrating period, I had the challenging of obtaining another provider that could appreciate my condition and intricate history; specialized in treating patients with Endometriosis and would respect my personal health choices.
In June and July of 2001, I contacted a multitude of providers and met with several specialists.However, on June 27th, 2001, during my initial consultation with Dr. Marin; I felt an immediate connection.

Upon reviewing my medical records and performing a pelvic examination, she thoroughly discussed my condition, treatment options; the risk and benefits of the surgical procedure and advanced laparoscopic technologies; the need for a preoperative colonoscopy; her experience and complication rates and postoperative hormonal replacement therapy.

She was articulate, compassionate, knowledgeable and self-possessed.She engaged in active listening; whereby, I felt she didn't just listen to my story; she truly heard and appreciated my perspective. She did not project her beliefs and sentiments related to child-bearing and parenting onto me; instead she assessed my individual situation and discussed, objectively, appropriate treatment options.

Upon leaving her office, I felt acknowledged, encouraged and strengthened.

In August of 2001, Dr. Marin performed the Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Salpingo-Oophorectomy via an advanced laparoscopic procedure at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

It has been fourteen years since my laparoscopic surgery, and without question, it is one of the best, personal decisions I have made in my entire life.
Dr. Marin's compassion and expertise positively impacted and changed the trajectory of my life. After the surgical procedure, the relentless, excruciating pain ceased and the vasomotor symptoms, associated with surgical menopause, have been well-tolerated with a small dosage of hormone replacement therapy.

In the past fourteen years, I have traveled abroad; completed my Baccalaureate and Master's Degrees in Nursing and have lived an enjoyable, positive, fulfilling life, free of chronic pain. Dr. Marin is my "Earth Angel"; I am eternally grateful for her continual compassion, support and expertise!!!!!

With Heartfelt and Eternal Gratitude,

March 2015
Natalie M.
Patient Since 2001