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Jun 03, 2021


Exciting news! New York Physicians has finally received our first allotment of the Moderna Coronavirus vaccine. The Moderna vaccine is approved for use in all adults aged 18 years and over.

If you have not yet received the vaccine, please make an appointment with us or walk into any CVS to get your vaccine as soon as possible. If you have a child between 12 and 17, that child is eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine at any stocked location.

We encourage all of our patients and everyone in our community to get the vaccine as soon as possible. While the news about decreasing infection rates and decreasing death rates is extremely hopeful, it is important to note that these rates are going down because almost half of our population is now fully vaccinated.

As reported by the Washington Post yesterday, the infection rates, hospitalization rates and death rates for the unvaccinated portion of the US population are just as high as they were in January. Please take this risk seriously! Take yourself and your loved ones to get vaccinated! As Soon As Possible!

We implore you all to care for yourselves, care for your neighbors and care for our community as a whole. We are delighted to be able to help you stay safe and stay healthy.

Contact your doctor if you would like to make an appointment for the vaccine or to be seen. If you are not yet a patient but would like to become one, we would be thrilled to have you.